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Contact Us
Telephone: 01829 751353

Healthy Eating...

It is very important to us that all children receive homemade, healthy, nutritious and tasty meals and snacks – every day.

A great deal of care is taken to develop a healthy, well-balanced and tasty four week menu for the children. The menus repeat every four weeks to ensure the children have a good variety of foods and flavours.

We use local produce, seasonal fruit and vegetables and do not add salt to our cooking. All of our meat is sourced from our local butcher in Kelsall.

Our qualified chefs, Holly and Elena, are central to the nursery and are well known to the children. All dietary requirements are catered for in the Nursery.

We have two types of menu at the nursery: a weaning menu, which introduces babies to fruit and vegetables, and a main children's menu for all children from 12 months upwards. For older babies, we will begin to offer a pureed or mashed version of the main menu, so that babies can get used to different food.

We have taken on board the government’s ‘Eat Better, Start Better’ initiative and feedback from parents in the design of our menus. ‘Eat Better, Start Better’ is a government initiative to ensure that nurseries are concentrating on healthier eating, with a specific focus on reducing sugar and eating more fruit and vegetables.
There are some key themes that run through our menus:
1. Firstly, we have cut back on added sugar. Yes, this does mean less homemade cakes (but we have created some lovely cakes with vegetables such as ‘Chocolate and Beetroot Brownie’). We haven’t banned sugar completely but it has been significantly reduced.
2. Even more fresh vegetables and more fresh fruit (still from our local greengrocer). Sweet Potato is making a showing (a great super food!).
3. More dairy including natural yoghurt.
Please click the links below to view our latest menus.